More Easter Baby

Just got home from a fun, fantastic Easter Sunday. We went to Stephen & Les’s party, then delivered a Sprinkles cupcake to Aimee at her job. On the ride home we picked up some Tandoori chicken from an Indian restaurant on the Westside *the same chicken I acted a fool over at Trevor & Jessica’s engagement party* Dammmnnn, I don’t know what they do to this chicken but it is incredible. I absolutely think this is my new fave meal, ever! It’s a good thing this spot is way on the other side of town cause I would eat there everyday. Enough about my delish dinner, smack, smack,  Let’s get down to Olivia..Nina Leslie is a sly one, she spied on my Etsy wishlist and bought Liv this adorable dress. I am so stoked about her foxy dress and her Easter basket!

Somebody is too cute!

Love this dress!!!

Confetti chicks *made by Antz* Jello vodka shots
I worked hard dying the eggs for hours

The hostess, making fried dough *so fucking good*

Liv & her Nina

Zombie gnomes!

Sweet Elias is already walking!

It was a sunny, lovely day

Olivia stuffed herself with candy

The hunt begins
Confetti egg war!

Liv hanging with her crew
Candy, nom nom!

Fabulous party, Padrinos!!

Hi Godmommy

Cute haircut, my love!
My bestie is so rad!

We witnessed a phenomenon when we got home. Liv said to us “Night night” and ran off to bed all by herself. Whaaat?? She was partied out. We are too, Night night!!

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