It’s great to be a Mummy!!

Antz asked Liv what should he get me for Mother’s Day, she told him “Daddy, we all know Mommy needs a new camera!” Huzzah! I am so excited to finally have a camera that isn’t wonky or broken. I have read mixed reviews on the Nikon J1 but here’s my bottom line, it’s a hybrid SLR so I have the functionality of a detachable lens *mine comes with a 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm lens* but I can upgrade to a 30–110mm 1 NIKKOR VR zoom lens if I like. I also still can use the D3000 55-200mm lens if I’m shooting a long distance. One thing that has always bugged me about the D3000 was the shutter speed felt slow and it’s hard to use a viewfinder. I know the pros prefer it but whenever we asked someone to take our picture we always had to give them a tutorial of how to look through the viewfinder and because you don’t look at the LCD screen, we would end of with tons of shitty photos. I snagged this bundle with includes the camera, 8 GB memory card, battery and case on sale for the cost of the camera alone. So it’s affordable, does this fancy camera magic and it’s smaller and lighter than my bulky D3000. Hopefully I won’t break it in a month *yeah right* and I’ll just have to overlook the Kooch’s endorsement.

Here’s a review I watched that shows off some of the fancy features and it’s weaknesses.

I know most Mom’s want jewelry or a day at the spa *both sound lovely* but Liv’s birthday is almost here and I would hate to end up with disappointing photos. Plus, I’m not afraid to admit, I’m a techie, I like gadgets and once I get my Sassy Strap, I’ll be one happy Mommy. I’m still getting the old SLR a doctor’s appt. but now I have a backup camera cause I’m sure Nikon will take forever to repair it. I’m actually betting they will advise me to buy a new camera cause the D3000 is so outdated anyway.

Thanks for the early Mother’s Day gift, Anthony & Olivia. You are super rad!

My fancy strap I made for under $10!!
View the complete set here

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