Too much of a good thing

I apologize for not blogging on a daily basis. I haven’t been extremely busy so I have no excuse for not making time to blog. After some thought, I am realizing I am overwhelmed.

Keep smiling at Brite Spot diner

Not with life, everything has been awesome. Antz had two recent trips to San Francisco for work and Liv is her rad usual self *with a runny nose, boo*. I am overwhelmed with my ambition. I have so many things I want to do, I have been unable to get started. Have you ever felt that way? I’ve hit a creative road block.

I want to give my blog a makeover.

I want to attend Blogshop so I can learn how to makeover my blog.

I want to learn how to use my new camera so I can create new content for my blog.

I want to expand our etsy shop.

I want to throw a spectacular rainbow party for Liv’s 2nd birthday.

I want to make a rainbow cake for Liv’s birthday *trial cake finished*

I want to make a video of Liv’s second year. *here it is*

I want to make a Shutterfly photobook of Liv’s second year.*completed*

I want a new summer wardrobe.

I want new pretty bras. *since I’ve stopped nursing*

I want to go bike riding at the Strand in Manhattan Beach.

I want to color my hair.

I want to remodel our kitchen and hallway.

I want to plant flowers and veggies in our garden.

I want to take a road trip to Austin.

I want to spend our 10 year wedding anniversary in Hawaii.

I want to book our cabin for Jessica & Trevor’s wedding.

I want to save money.

I want to pay off our credit cards.

I want to sell our house and buy our dream house.

I want to do more than I’m capable of doing.

All these desires are overwhelming me to begin action. I can’t focus on one thing at a time. I, of course, turn to my Mom’s words of wisdom…”How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I never really understood this metaphor. I mean, I would never want to eat an elephant, maybe if you replaced it with lobster, it applies. Oh, now I get it! I need to take things one at a time. I have a list things to do for Liv’s birthday so I can start there. Maybe this weekend I’ll make a mini rainbow cake for a trial run so I won’t have a disaster for her birthday. I found the food coloring at Michael’s yesterday when I was visiting Aimee. I picked up the streamers for the decor. I also bought more felt to make a birthday crown since I couldn’t find anything I loved on etsy. I need to order her birthday attire *and maybe a few pieces for me since Gap is having a sale*

Paisley maxi dress
Broken-in straight khakis
Floppy sun hat

This is where I begin to contradict myself. I want to shop and save simultaneously. I have no willpower when it comes to shopping. I have to accept that we can’t afford Hawaii this year. We will go one day. I am looking forward to Palm Springs next month. Yes, I have been there hundreds of times but it will be Olivia’s first time. I am super excited about The Saguaro and we will have a short but sweet time. Huzzah for mini vacays! I need to rearrange my list of priorities. I get sucked into wanting everything all at once and that leads to non productivity and that is lame. My inner Veruca is taking over!

Speaking of lame, Liv has been a potty training wonder but…she only uses the potty when she is naked *which she prefers to be 75% of the time* I’ve unsuccessfully tried pull-ups, she has Yo Gabba Gabba! panties that she hates to wear, she just doesn’t like to use the potty if she’s wearing something. I am getting tired of cleaning up the mess when she has an accident and our washer and dryer have been going 24 hours a day. I am concerned letting her go naked is the lazy approach to potty training. Although I can’t help but feel super proud every time she goes potty and announces triumphantly, “I deed it!

sunkissis via Instagram
sunkissis via Instagram

Suri’s Burn Book also must share the blame for being a majority of my free time suck. I crack myself up hearing her voice in my head when I read these snarky posts that are so brilliantly entertaining. Enjoy when you’re bored at work or endlessly waiting for your toddler to go potty when she’s really crying wolf.

2 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing

  1. Your mom is a wise woman 🙂 Make a list in order of urgency, and make sure to put little boxes to the left so you can check them off! Don't be overwhelmed, be happy that you know what you want. Usually the hardest part is making the list, and you've already done that. I can't wait to see the video of Olivia's second year! Love you guys <3

  2. Muchas gracias mi prima. I am an excellent organizer, but I need major work on being just as good at finishing. I hope her party is as awesome as I envision in my head.

    LOVE YOU!!

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