It’s Over Already?

These 3 days have just flown by. The bad news is I didn’t work on making Olivia’s doll, boo! The good news is, I saw Moonrise Kingdom!! So quintessentially Wes Anderson style. The film is a perfect hybrid of The Royal Tenenbaums and Fantastic Mr Fox *which are both amazing* It’s only playing in limited theaters this week so we saw it at Hollywood Arclight which had a lovely exhibit from the movie set up in the lobby.

We finally had the chance to try Larkins in Eagle Rock *the same owner as Mac & Cheeza* for a dinner party for our friend Darrell. The food was huge, indulgent and delish! We had chocolate covered bacon for dessert, I repeat Chocolate covered, BAY-CON!

My punch tasted like peach cobbler, yummy!
The portobello fries were my favorite
The chef was super sweet, she helped us order and kept Liv entertained while we chowed down. Yep, that’s a tattoo of bacon….BAY-CON!

Ribbbbbbs and fried okra!

Antz had the good old fashioned BBQ chicken and mac and cheese
I had the fried shrimp *they were the size of my fist*
I was super stuffed but I still tried one, really tasty

So, you must be wondering what did I do with all this time and still didn’t manage to get any work done on her doll? I’ll tell ya, I put on my Steven Spielberg hat *and beard* and worked all night on her video. It was easy using the iMovie software but editing down 8,000 photos and videos to 250 was a struggle. I had fun choosing the music and collaborating with Antz and my Mom. So without further adieu….I present Liv’s 2nd Year.

How was your weekend? Any fun trips or amazing meals?

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