Git her done!

My To Do list is like 2 pages long!

Art made by Licorice. I love me some Gene Wilder!

I kinda slacked yesterday for getting ready for the rainbow birthday bonanza yet, I did work on the yet-to-be-named dolly. I was assisted by Antz and I think she will be FABulous!! I did have a big stumble with her wig hair. Antz came to the rescue and she no longer looks like she got her hair cut with a Flowbee

We will be styling the dolly tonight *giving her a face and outfit* I promise to upload photos and a video *I’m practicing for this weekend* So as long as I work my butt off these next 2 days, I will be right on track for Friday’s party at Scruffin Rock class. Today I’ll be running around town all day…Target, I have to stock up on Babybel cheese and get supplies for a last minute project I want to squeeze on to our already full plate. This kid eats cheese like crazy, she learned how to open them herself so now she wants like 4 a day! I am picking up balloons from a party store and I need my car washed *somebody went nuts with crackers in the backseat* I also need to exchange some clothes I bought at BabyGap *she’s already outgrown a size 2!* and I can’t pass up the sale at Anthropologie.

girlie chiffon bow
Chiffon Bow

I have been wanting this bow for awhile and now it’s $10!!

I have been doing doing countless loads of laundry, not because I’ve let it pile up but Antz and Liv both have 1 white shirt and 2 black pants that are dirty so that makes 2 separate loads for like 3 things. When you do laundry how do you handle the tiny loads? Do you wait till you have enough for a regular load or do you run your machine 24/7 like me who was drying socks at midnight last night? I am keeping my fingers crossed I can pull this off, I have been more forgetful lately so please remind me to stop at the ATM and get cash!!!


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