Happy Happy Friday

I am back from my deathbed lovelies! I went to the doc yesterday and all is well in my tummy region. I caught a 24 hour bug which is most likely due to starting Liv’s new Discovery Program class last Monday *kids = germs* I’m just happy Olivia didn’t get sick *she has like a super human immune system, must be all that breastmilk!*

She brought Larry & Harry with her to school

So I have some breaking news….today Liv and I went to the post office and it was a total successful experience. There was noone in line, there was 2 clerks available, I was smart enough to have put Liv in her stroller so I didn’t have to fuss with carrying her. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes and I had 4 Etsy orders to ship! I was so expecting disaster to start my weekend and I’m pleasantly surprised of how drama-free things went. Olivia was so well behaved in fact we mosied on down to Baskin Robbins for an afternoon scoop. I feel like I haven’t eaten in 3 days *or kept any food down* so my mint & chip ice cream was wonderful. I also discovered there is a Papillon French Bakery in Glendale so I picked up a fresh croissant and made Liv and me the tastiest turkey club sandwich I have ever had.

Say what? Today just keeps getting better, this morning on a whelm I posted a few photos of Liv and Clemmy on Sprinkles Ice Cream facebook page. Well, the staff liked it so much, they featured her photos and sent me a code for 4 free cupcakes!! Awwww yeeeeah!!

SCORE!! So I’m bringing a wheelbarrel of good news today. Tuesday June 2nd our niece Chayanne Michele was born!!! Here’s proud Poppa Cayce holding his daughter….what a cutie. I can’t wait to go visit her!!! Major congrats to Ann-Marissa & Cayce, you will be amazing parents.


Tuesday also marked Liv turning 25 months old. I didn’t post her photo because I had an alien living inside my stomach. So here she is. Happy Weekend lovelies!!!

The day she started her “pre” preschool

She is already fitting her Tussie Mussie skirt from Anthropologie that I bought 2 sizes larger so she could fit it this fall. Aye Curumba!

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