My Favorite Things

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a My favorite things post. Not that my greedy ass doesn’t want everything I see, but with school tuition, home improvements, saving for a new house and all the upcoming trips I have planned, pretty things fall low on my priority scale. However, when I see pieces that are necessary, I cannot resist myself.

I love this sign “It’s super rad to be super sweet!”

 My first favorite thing…

Green apple TOMS.
Classic Toms in green

This is now my 4th pair of Toms, that may seem excessive but Toms wear out really fast. I have holes in my red and glitter gold pairs and my grey ones are pretty worn out, now I’m getting holes in the back. Is it just me? I don’t think I’m hard on my shoes but I go through Toms like my husband goes through Converse *he averages 3 pair a year* I really don’t feel guilty buying Toms so often because every pair I buy, a poor child gets a free pair, so I’m fashionable and charitable at the same time. *high five to me!*

Adventure Time DVD

Adventure Time dvds – The Complete 1st Season/My Two Favorite People/It Came From the Nightosphere

Once upon a time Yo Gabba Gabba! reigned supreme in our household, but with so few new episodes *don’t forget to dvr a new Olympics episode, Sunday August 19th* and 2 straight years of the same show, we were all stoked to find something new and equally awesome. Adventure Time is amazing! We have 50 episodes *they are only 15 minutes long* saved on our dvr but I despise commercials so having all 3 dvds is much more convenient. I got them for next to nothing since I’ve been a member of Columbia House since the 90’s *yep, I did the 12 dvds for a penny deal, I now have over 250 dvds in my collection*. So whenever I buy a dvd they are always under $10. We still love Yo Gabba Gabba! as a matter of fact, we just completed the entire set of designer plush with the limited ComicCon edition of Gooble. *Thanks Cousin Hector for getting him for us!*

Question mark sign

I also bought a few new items for the anniversary secret but I’m trying to keep my mouth shut until Saturday so more on that later.

Don’t you hate it when you know about something really cool but for some reason you slack and wait around too long and then next thing you know it’s gone for good, you know, like the McRib *gross, I’ve never eaten one of those but you get what I’m sayin’*
Well back in January, Kate Spade sold this awesome bag at Nordstrom and now I am obsessed with it.

kate spade new york 'call to action - terry' tote | Nordstrom

The sad part is, I put it in my online shopping cart but for some reason, I hesitated. I thought it would go on sale but it never did. It sold out by March and now the $248 seems like a bargain since it’s only available on ebay for $300 and up. I have been on a global search for it for months. I even emailed the Kate Spade store asking about returns or if they would release the bag again but they were like, “Sorry girl, you snooze you lose.” Who knew this bag would disappear from the face of the Earth? I’m wary about ebay purchases because of so many knockoffs. Bummer!

 Kickers 'Pastille' Sandal available at #Nordstrom

I found these perfect shoes for our trip to Paris and they are on sale but I’m still not 100% sold. I am so worried I might get blisters on the back of my heel. Another reason for my hesitation is the European sizing. Like many folks, I’ve got one foot slightly bigger than the other, so when I buy my size, my left foot always feel more snug. Most shoes give enough to be comfortable but all my past experience with EU sizing has hurt my left foot. I wish they had my size in the store but they are online only. I love the bright color and they are similar to my beloved Saltwater sandals but I was planning to get a new pair in red anyway so 2 pair of red sandals seem redundant. I’m so indecisive and then I regret not getting them when they sell out.

Let’s not forget about Livvy. While at the Star Wars birthday party, we couldn’t get Liv to leave Aiyana’s bedroom for 2 reasons; the first was Hammy, Aiyana’s pet hamster. Antz and I are thinking a hamster would make a nice 3rd birthday party gift. I had a hamster and a mouse when I was a kiddo. Then there was the kitchen playset. We were planning to get one for Liv for Christmas and after seeing her play with Aiyana’s kitchen set, we have to get started building one.

Recycling Furniture - Brilliant recycle for a kids' kitchen

Antz is the craigslist master, so he’s in charge of finding an entertainment unit. I’m the designer so I’ll be sewing curtains, and buying materials like these play sets by Melissa & Doug.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Kitchen Accessory Set

Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Cutting Fruit Crate 
Melissa & Doug Wooden Sushi
How cute is the sushi set?? I’m definitely getting these on Black Friday. Although we have no more space in the tiny house, I am so excited to play chef with Liv. Thankfully she’s totally into sharing with us now and we have rad tea parties everyday. She’s a delightful tea hostess! I picked up some school clothes since Gap was having a 30% sale, I’ll have Liv model them when I get them next week.

Any summer sales or big ticket items you lovelies are lusting after?

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