Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 16

This week’s jams are pretty random but so is my taste in music. Please do enjoy!!!

Starting with my Die Antwoord, who are South Afrikan, crazy creepy and awesome!

“Baby’s on Fire” Die Antwoord

She’s too cute for words. This song is perfect for Liv’s 3rd year video.

“White Lights” Oh Land

This is an oldie but goodie, I’m not a huge fan of this video but the song is a classic!

“So Fresh & So Clean” OutKast

I can’t stop playing this song. JE’TAIME!!!

“Comment tu Dire Adieu” Françoise Hardy

I know this is totally random but I love me some S&G. I also love The Graduate which I have seen several times but only understood it as an adult. Cu-ca-choo!

“Mrs. Robinson” Simon & Garfunkel

Now the mandatory Björk song of the week. This song always getting me going. It’s so amazing and fun to dance around to. How adorable is Pedo Bear!

“Human Behavior” Björk

Besides LDR being overrated, I still enjoy this song. I always think of this skit of Kristen Wiig doing a spot on impression *boy, SNL is suffering without her*

“Video Games” Lana Del Rey

You’re So Nice and You’re so Smart. I dedicate this song to Antz.

“So Nice So Smart” Kimya Dawson

Pretty Photos from National Geographic. This song is from one of my all-time top ten movies, High Fidelity.

“Dry the Rain” The Beta Band

This song is so 80’s and soo good. It’s definitely my soundtrack for this weekend.

“A Real Hero” College featuring Electric Youth

I’m adding this as a bonus video. This dude is beyond awesome and I can’t get this song out of my head, really it’s too catchy!

“Gangnam Style” PSY

That is all, my friends. Aside from an event at Liv’s school and then dinner with friends tonight, we have ABSOLUTELY nothing planned this weekend. I’m so excited to laze around the house and possibly clean out my closet, and pull out my warmer clothes *my leggings, tights and jackets*

Happy Friday!!

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