Crafty Ladies

I’m the head of the Craft committee for Liv’s school’s Winter Solstice on December 8th. This morning we had a meeting to go over what we were crafting and assign who would do what. We are going to have 4 tables with 2 craft each. I’m contributing pom pom ornaments.


I love a colorful, fat pom pom. They are super easy to make and I bought these pom pom makers to help the toddlers wrap them. The only thing I need to supervise is cutting. I’m so excited for the Winter Solstice, we went last year and Liv had a blast. I’m also helping with the other crafts all day. I am so excited, last year I was a prospective parent and now I’m participating.  Crazy how fast my life has changed in 2 1/2 years.

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