Camp Mighty

Boy, I sure wanna go! I just got an email that Camp Mighty begins this weekend in Palm Springs.

What is Camp Mighty?
Camp Mighty is a weekend retreat for people who like projects, and are
willing to put a little of that energy into themselves. All of us want
to be great at something. Camp Mighty will help you figure out what.

Here’s a video of Maggie Mason, founder of Camp Mighty

I’m really bummed  I can’t go this year because this weekend is our traditional pre-Thanksgiving dinner at my Mom’s house. I would love to cross off some things on my List. I also missed out booking a room at The Ace hotel in October and I really, really want to go with my BFF Aimee.

Herein lies the rub. My Bestie works ALL-THE-FRICKING-TIME! She is annoyingly hard working, responsible and now she has her eye on the prize. She is moving out of her Shangri-la fancy pants apartment in Venice to a much more affordable cute place on the Eastside *YAY, closer to me* today. She’s making the sacrifice so she can get my her dream car.

So, she is working extra shifts and saving all her dough to get her car in December. Aimee doesn’t have a Life List written out, but she’s mentally crossing off goals all the time. This year she was pretty busy getting her sleeve done, had a boudoir photo shoot, making her apartment ridiculously cute *Charlotte Ronson is her inspiration* and being a personal ATM machine to her 17 year old son, Holden. I am trying to convince her to start blogging since she did such a fantastic job guest blogging for me, but as I said before, she works all day and night. I just can’t imagine going to the amazing Camp Mighty without my BFF. So I’m making it official,

Aimee, will you please go to Camp Mighty with me next November?

We haven’t had a girl’s only vacation since Holden was 12 when we drove to Stanford. We can have a kick ass road trip in your fancy new ride and I’ll be the DJ *I know how much you love 80’s metal* I’ll help you write your Life List, we’ll ride Vespas and we’ll wear fabulous space outfits.

Camp Mighty (175)

Let’s do this girl!!!  PS Of course she said yes, but we may postpone until 2016 for super secret reasons *I promise to reveal in the future*

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