Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market

The Renegade Craft Fair gets better every time we go. We drove this time instead of taking the train but there was plenty of free parking. It was much more crowded than the summer one but we found everything we set out to buy. We bought Liv’s teacher’s and my Mom’s Christmas gifts. I’ll show you after I give it to her but it’s rad!

Here’s what happened. Liv wanted to wear a Dark Vader mask, so Antz and I grabbed the Batman and Transformers masks to match *not fond of that idea but wanted to keep Liv happy*
so as we waited for our turn, she begins to spazz out and when it was
our turn we finally figured out she wanted to wear the king crown
instead. The 3rd photo with our tongues out is my favorite one. We’re making angry faces in the last one but I blocked my face like a dope.

I want a DJ turntable set up in my next house

This artist does awesome hand drawing of photos
OMG Ampersand light!!!

My darling Chris, we had The Breakfast Club earlier so Story & Chris and Nic & Ale joined us at the fair

What a lovely backdrop

I love this crochet dreamcatcher
This booth is owned by one of the parents at Liv’s school. I love her diamond pillows
This is the incredible butter crunch treats booth I’ve been raving about. They are seriously delish.

Pretty scarf
It was hard to not buy all of these adorable earrings

Liv was dancing to the DJ’s jams

And this is all that’s left of the amazing butter crunch candy treats

Mmmm! Sunday was our monthly Breakfast Club. This time we went to a place called Tickle Tree Cafe in La Crescenta. It was nice, check out my orange french toast.

Aww, poor Antz face is covered by Liv’s head. Aren’t those chairs cute?

Happy Monday!

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