Björk Gudmundsdóttir

What the hell are you doing to me??!!

R. Kelly, Björk, and Belle and Sebastian to Headline Pitchfork Music Festival 2013
Pitchfork Music Festival

Like I can afford to fly *or even drive* my ass to Chicago in July to hear you sing song’s with your voice of an Angel.

Seriously, listening to this woman sing live is like the satisfaction from eating the best meal you have ever had while having a massage in your ears at the same time. Grrr! I am trying to remodel our kitchen, save like a maniac AND we gotta pay for Liv to get her learn on at preschool. Let’s not forget I’m hoping to go to Paris next year as well! Do not even try to interrupt my focus you temptress. I will not buy tickets…I will NOT BUY TICKETS!! *also keep in mind, I haven’t seen Björk live since 2008!! Oh shit…Belle & fucking Sebastian! Please somebody lock my wallet in a vault. Shit, who am I kidding? I have all my credit cards memorized. #Confessionsofamajorshopaholic

I love me some B&S

On top of all this mess, Kate Spade has the nerve to have an awesome secret suprise sale with an ADDITIONAL 20% off. I just can’t!! What is this, the Last Temptation of Liz?

surprise sale. save up to 75% off a curated selection of suprise sale merchandise. plus, an additional 20% off and free shipping.

Well, if I can’t shop, maybe you lovelies can pick up the nylon stripe leslie bag that I want super bad.

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