Is this thing on?

Testing…testing? Ahem, I love blogging. It’s fun for me to come up with what I consider to be funny or informative or even embarrassing posts to share with the kind folks on the internet.

Haters Gonna Hate

I love having a journal to look back at all the fun things I did, food I ate or shit I bought. I also can see my growth and push myself to step out of my comfort zone and make my crazy random dreams into accomplishments. Here’s the thing, I started blogging back in 2008 with the intention to connect with other people in my same situation. I was kinda on the fence about having a bebe, along with my insecurity about being an awesome parent *which I still have* and I was trying to make my house a lovely place to live, but I was really seeking advice and support. To start a dialogue with people who can share their stories and experiences. My friends and family are always unconditionally supportive of me but I wanted an unbiased opinion. Now five years later and 800+ posts, I wonder is anybody out there? I know my dear friends are checking in to see what we’re up to but I love to hear from my other readers? I hope you come here to be entertained or maybe even laugh with me *not at me* on my zany adventures.

Blogging feels like an open mic night and I can hear a pitter of applause and a few chuckles in the room, I just can’t see any faces with that bright spotlight shining in my face.

Please feel encouraged to leave comments. Tell me about your day! Where are you from? Seen any good movies or eaten at any awesome places? I would love to get to know you lovelies. My goal to make Violently Happy a better community and I need some of your constructive criticism. What works? What sucks? Aside from my deplorable grammar and constant run-on sentences. I may be am paranoid that the lack of comments could be that no one is reading my blog and the 190 page views I get everyday are from Aimee, my Mom and Evelyn *love you fools!*
So, I’ll start… 
Salut, I’m Liz. I am a stay at home shopper/Mom. I am addicted to Pinterest, GIRLS, shopping online and these two heavenly creatures. 
Playing dragons
I hope to learn French one day and I am planning to take Olivia to France for a month next year. This makes me laugh. I’m embracing my new 4 gray hairs and I need a pedicure like you wouldn’t believe. I hope to one day attend alt summit *look how cool it is* and Camp Mighty with my BFF. I’m trying to convince my Mom to buy this house. The last song I listened to was this chick
I really hate the smell of raw onions and I can’t stand walking on the grass barefoot *weird, I know* I’d love it if you follow me on Vine if you use it. So far I have a bunch of random creepy guys following me and I wish I could get rid of them, cause dude, you look creepy!
Oh! Last night I saw Zero Dark Thirty with the hubs. Wowie! I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did. I wasn’t so blown away *see what I did there?* about The Hurt Locker and military films aren’t my thing but Kathryn Bigelow is brilliant. Jessica Chastain was really acting her skinny ass off. Now I really want to see her in Mama. My rad friend Kim sums it up best: 
loved the part when she was like ” Yeah!” and they’re like “whuh?” so
she’s all “Sheeeeet!” then they’re like “derp?” So she goes “Fo REALZ,
” So they’re finally like “Ooooooh.” That was intense.”
Enjoying your Saturday so far? We’re cleaning out the kitchen to make way for the big remodel that is pushing me to the brink of INSANITY!!

6 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. OK, the readers you haven't met yet are being shy. So I'll go.I LOVE checking out your blog! You're a good writer, and you're sooo funny! I love your openness and honesty here.

  2. Hi there! I just happened to stumble across your blog when I googled “wood countertops” I'm loving what I see so far. You're really funny. Anyway I just wanted to say hi. Ill definitely be checking back daily.

  3. Hello Shavonda!! So happy to meet you. Oh man, wood countertops…they looks amazing in a white kitchen but how to folks keep them clean and scratch free?? I know I will ruin them the first day we get them but they are so affordable too. I keep going back and forth with my kitchen remodel, we plan to sell our house so we want to keep it neutral and not put too much money into it but then again, what if we don't sell and I'm stuck with a kitchen I hate? Grrr!! Being a grown up sucks!

  4. I'm here present! I check your blog everyday, and actually left comments a few times. I love your adventures and your lovely family. I also follow you on pinterest, you style for Liv is adorable and I mirror quite a few outfits for my Sadah.

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