Hither & Thither

We went on a random drive last Sunday with no particular itinerary. I used the Los Angeles Magazine Hidden LA issue as inspiration for our adventures. Olivia received a key to her castle *made by Papa* so we wanted to
explore outdoor places where she could play dragons and run around. We tried to discover the most hidden treasures we could before sunset.

Early morning castle storming

We found the most amazing waterfall and rock garden to explore.

Playing around with Vine

Los Angeles Police Academy Rock Gardens
Liv’s Pine cone family

We hit the park next, it was a nice sunny day.

We didn’t take a ride this time but we’ll go back soon. Parking really is a bitch in Downtown.

Antz got this perfect jump
At our favorite place, Tenno Sushi for lunch
MOCA LA Book Fair
Awesome title!
How we ended up here, I don’t know but I picked up some fancy mints from the gift shop so I could snoop around

 Dinner with Aimee at Jerry’s Deli

Bits and pieces from the last few days

A visit to the pediatrician *all is well*
Her Adidas are still a smidge too big, but I love them
Helping Mommy with the grocery shopping

A lovely shop/coffee place we popped into
Everywhere I go, a fox seems to find me

Man, I really need to dig through the back of my closet more often. I found this oldie but goodie.

Mister Sparkle, I’ll always love you!

So this weekend will be a good one. We got NELA art walk/bar crawl *dranks!* and…

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! *hopefully you said that in the Monster truck show dude’s voice* This is happening. I don’t want to jinx it or further upset my anxiety so I’ll let you know how it goes. This is Liv’s first official casting call so I hope she’s chosen from the herd. Problem is she’s two and a half, she doesn’t like to cooperate most the time and is very clingy to her Dad which can cause shyness around adult strangers. I’ll have a bag of bribes with me and let’s hope the other kids there will bring out her outgoing personality.

OH! Today I got tickets to THE CREAM! I’m dragging my engaged friend Jess with me to check out all the wedding goodies. If I were a bride-to-be today, I would be engaged for five years because it would be impossible to plan my wedding. So many rad vendors will be there, I will be in heaven. I am hoping a certain lovely bearded/curly-haired gentleman has gotten my millions of hints that I’ve Facebooked/tweeted/emailed/pinned and whispered in his ear that I’m hoping to get Hearts for Valentine’s Day. I rule at subtlety.

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