American Apparel Casting Call


As you know, I have been trying to get Liv some modeling work. I have sent her photos to talent agencies and gotten no response. It’s a frustrating process but I’m determined to get her an agent. My friend Kim told me about this open casting call for American Apparel, so we decided it would be a good start. We arrived at their headquarters in downtown LA at 9am.

You know me, I had to make her a sign. There was about 15 kids there so we signed the sign-in sheet. By 9:30 there was about 50 kids. At 9:40 they started calling people in the order they signed in by groups of ten. Lucky for us, we were #14 so we were the second group called.

We lined up and a woman was snapping shots of the kids against a white wall. When it was Liv’s turn she comments on how cute she was and how much they loved her hair. She took a few shots *with me coaching her where to look* and then she asked us to pull her hair back. Antz had to take off his scrunchy from his hair so we could put her hair in a top knot. She took a few more with Liv’s hair out of her lovely face. I was so busy coaching Liv during the shoot I didn’t get to take any of her during the mini shoot, Boo! I gave the woman Liv’s comp card. We felt like they really liked her cause they took a long time shooting her compared to the other kids in our group.


We feel pretty strong about her chances but really, by the time we left there must have been over 500 kids in line.

The line went around the building

The good news is, no one looked like Olivia at all. We got tons of compliments from the parents of how cute Liv was. I think it was smart for us to style her in a androgynous way since every little girl there looked like a Disney princess. The little boys we saw were super adorable. Too bad I didn’t get any photos of all the cuteness, Liv was clearly among her people. They reminded me of this site, Childen with Swag. I’ve been told they would contact us before so I’m not holding my breath for them to call us but I would be shocked if they didn’t. So overall, this casting call was a great experience. Liv was well-behaved, she was very fidgety while we were waiting but no one seemed to mind. I was concerned they wouldn’t allow me to be there when they took her picture but it was good they did since she was staring at the floor when she first started. We were super proud of her cause she really showed off her personality when she started shooting. Most of the kids just stood with their back against the wall and did a big, fake smile but Liv was right in the camera woman’s face and she was giving her different poses. I was like “WERK IT GURL!!” She made Mommy proud *Papa too*.

Since she did such a rad job, we took her to Chuck E Cheese’s *lame* but it makes my girl happy so I sacrificed being caught dead in there.

Balls in your court American Apparel, don’t let me down again!

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