Everything must go Sale!!

It’s been two years since we have been on the search for a *non crazy* affordable electrician. Yesterday I poached my neighbor’s electrician and he fixed all our lights for less than I budgeted!! *thanks Lisa & Aaron!*

These guys nearly gave me a heart attack

Is it bad when you go to Ikea and the salespeople know you by your name? Thursday night after months of exhaustive planning we finally ordered our kitchen cabinets.

Inside this folder is our new kitchen!!

I have read horror stories about the cabinets being on backorder forever or out of stock, so I was pleasantly surprised that all our cabinets were in stock and will be delivered in ONE week! I wanted to hug Jaime and Lucy for all their help and support. It took a lot of math, problem solving and thinking outside the box to get our new kitchen planned *thanks to 90 year old kitchen measurements*. So now the fire has been turned up and we need to clear out our house to make room for all the new pretty things.

Sadly for me, this means letting go of Olivia’s bebe items we no longer need. I have been holding on to them for sentimental reasons but now I’m ready to de-bebe our house. Sniff, I’m selling her gently used bebe stuff.  The prices I’m listing are firm, I don’t want to spend a lot of time going back and forth negotiating. They are fair & reasonable prices and cash only por favor. Promise me they will go to a good home and you will take tons of pictures of your little ones enjoying them as we did.

Boon high chair
Liv loved her chair

I love this guy, super sturdy, rolls anywhere and very easy to clean. It comes with two clear removable trays. I’m sad to see it go, but she uses her big girl chair now. We are selling this high chair for $120.

 Bugaboo Bee Stroller with cocoon attachment
Liv’s first time in the Bee *one week old*

This guy was heaven for us. The seat flips forward and backwards, the chair swivels and extends and the bar is adjustable. Folds down easily. Olivia was obviously a tall bebe so having so many options to expand the seat was excellent. She used the cocoon for about 3 months. The canopy is sold in different colors here. The Bugaboo Bee is for sale for $450 with the yellow canopy, yellow cocoon accessories and instructions included.

Babea Babycook
Cooking some kale and carrots

I’m gonna pay it forward on this one. I bought it used from an awesome lady. Ours is in good working condition, here’s the easy online instructions *sorry if you find her voice annoying but she gives a thorough demonstration*, and comes with a bebe cookbook and the orange spatula/spoon you see in the photo. $25!!

Diaper Dekor Plus
Diaper Dekor Plus

This guy can hold a million diapers. We have one bag left to get you started, they last for weeks. My husband will gladly demonstrate how to add a refill bag. I buy my biodegradable refill bags from Amazon. $25.

The last item in this insane sale is this brand new Hatley raincoat.

Here’s a similar version

The raincoat has detachable hood and fleece interior lining. It’s a size 6 and never been worn. I’ll let it go for $25.

There you have it, lovelies. Our spring clean bebe sale. Please email me if you are interested in any of our stuff, sunkissis*at*aol*dot*com.

If you are a new Mommy or know someone who needs help figuring out what they need, please check out my guide to rad new bebe!

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