Happy Kitchen Renovation Day!

Well not quite, but Sunday we went to Home Depot *after waiting 48 hours for a guy to come over to give us a quote but never showed up, why is it so hard to get a quote?* and did some pre-reno shopping.

Sheesh, could this kitchen look anymore dark and depressing?

I wanted to find out about renting tools *tile wet saw, floor sanders, etc*. We went to our local Home Depot only to find out we had to go to another one because they didn’t rent tools from there, D’oh! Turns out I like the second HD much better. It’s a bigger store, really well stocked, not crowded at all *due it the store being practically hidden* and the salespeople were actually helpful and knowledgeable! Hooray!

We got a price list of the tools for rent. It’s pricier than I expected, but it’s cheaper than having a professional do the work. I am really bummed that Home Depot no longer carries my Goddess Martha Stewart paint. The paint guy suggested we try Glidden as a substitute so we bought some samples to test out on the walls this weekend.

We chose Natural Wicker for the walls and Toasted Mashmallow for the trim.

We also found the subway tile for the backsplash for only a fraction of the estimated cost I budgeted. Sweet!

I budgeted $350 for the backsplash tile, now we only going to spend about $50 for everything!
The store’s display wasn’t impressive. I wanted larger tiles but since it’s a Do-it-ourselves-on-a-budget project, I’ll take it.

I shopped the knobs and drawer pulls section since Ikea doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

The price is perfect but Goddess Martha is bumming me out with the dated nipple knob. I am over the brushed nickel style so I’m still on the hunt. I practically bought every style of knob to bring home to test out on the cabinets. I almost like these antique glass ones but Antz is not a fan.

Nah, these knobs are too dainty for the doors

It’s understandably difficult to imagine the new knobs on such fugly cabinets. You like that paint job?? I can’t even begin to think of how much work it will take to sand away years of poor paint jobs on those upper cabinets. My biggest concern is the brand new lower cabinets will make the old uppers look horrible. Oh well, if need be maybe next year we can get the uppers replaced, after we get the foundation fixed and the house painted, and the….and the….headache!

On a happier note, I picked up some strawberries to plant since the bugs ate our old patch.

My assistant gardener
The wildflower seeds we planted last year have finally filled in nicely
She’s wearing her new adorable Misha Lulu skirt

Then we headed to the park

And so begins the new life of DIY kitchen renovators!!

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