Kitchen Remodel Update Week One

Last you saw of the kitchen we were testing wall paint choices and choosing the tile for the backsplash.

Neither of these blew my skirt up.

Antz worked his butt off for the past 2 days and sanded the years of gross paint off of the cabinets. Our kitchen went from this.

To this.

I’m estimating it will take 3 weeks to finish the kitchen. I’m still not sure which wall color we will use. These cabinets are a mess. Antz said he found at least 5 layers of paint, like a jawbreaker. I can’t wait until they are painted lily white.

While I was away at my Mom’s house I ordered the new light fixture and knobs from Pottery Barn. Our poor mailman has been delivering boxes to us everyday now. Our living room is looking like a storage room.

The new cabinets are being delivered this Sunday, YAY!! All 800lbs of boxes will be in our living room until May, BOO!! Now is a good time to donate, sell and throw away. With all this kitchen talk,  I am smitten with Diana from Our City Lights amazingly bright pink Hello Kitty themed kitchen.

excuse the messy hair and the baby bump trying to make an appearance.
At Home With Diana La CounteDarling pink kitchen via A Beautiful MessHouse Tour 2
PInk credenza & Marilyn
You can read more about her kitchen over at A Beautiful Mess

I love her bold use of color and all the Hello Kitty accessories *Antz would never go for it* but I think it’s brilliant. Did you see the Royal Tenebaums artwork and the pink chalkboard door? She is my new blog crush.
Oh, isn’t it sweet to come home to something as lovely as this?

This beautiful gem is courtesy of my hubs, our world map looks quite sophisticated!

Merci mon ami!!

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