Our new kitchen floors!

Beautiful is an understatement. The crew was here at 8 am this morning and by 2pm, we had brand new kitchen floors. The house is full of the sweet smell of fresh wood and I’m finding it surreal walking into our kitchen without the familiar sounds of old floorboards creaking.

The floors looked like this on Friday


 All done!!


They are so pretty I want to breakdance on them!
Liv says “Mom, I like your new floors!”
Antz and I are even contemplating leaving them this natural color. Rene *our rad contractor* said it would be harder to maintain and we already chose a dark stain. I do want a distressed finish, so we may take a hammer to them. We’ll see.
These are our old *literally 90 years* drain pipes
This little hole is not where you will find Alice and the white rabbit but this…
The new drain pipes that no longer back up in the bathtub when we do laundry and allows us to flush the toilet, do laundry and turn on all the sinks at once without any change in pressure!!

Sadly, this will most likely be the last update I share until the kitchen is finished. I want it to be a grand reveal and I am terrible at keeping secrets. I may leak a few photos on my Instagram.

This is how I’m feeling at the moment!

Oh, this man’s voice gives me shivers!!

One thought on “Our new kitchen floors!

  1. Kitchen is really a woman's best friend, and having new floors is definitely a great treat and progress as well. I've read your past post and I noticed that there's a lot more to be done. This was definitely a relief! Anyway, I know there's more to come and I'm excited for you. I wish this will be over soon so you can enjoy your lovely kitchen.

    Matilda Lemons

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