The OC what a bummer

We spent all of Sunday in Orange County. Besides Balboa Island and Disneyland, the OC is not my favorite place to be. I don’t know what it is about that place but it rubs me the wrong way. It’s a weird unexplainable vibe but I don’t know why I give that place such a bad rep, it has one of the best malls in California, The South Coast Plaza. I haven’t been there in ten years *I bought my wedding dress from there* As you know a few weeks ago I ordered our cabinet knobs, a new light fixture and the drawer pulls from Pottery Barn online. Lo and behold I received the package but no drawer pulls. I checked my order status and it says in process. I waited a week later and I noticed the amount for the pulls were credited to my bank account. Okay, that’s strange I checked my emails and saw nothing from PB. I go to the site and discover my order status went from being in stock, to in process and now it says backordered until 7/16/2013!! Now I have high expectations from a store like Pottery Barn but to not send me an email to notify me that an item I already purchased 3 weeks ago was on backorder, that seems shady. I called customer service and they gave me a spiel about there being thousands of orders everyday and they don’t have time to notify the customer. Well, I’m fully expecting some kind of discount for my trouble and they would send me the pulls immediately but she gave me a big fat “We’re sorry” and she tells me I can go to the Costa Mesa store and buy them there. Ummm, okay PB that’s totally uncool of you. So I got dissed really hard by them I had to drive all the way to the South Coast Plaza even though there are like 30 Pottery Barns near me. Lucky for them, I had to go out there to pick up a few things from West Elm anyway. I picked up Antz Mom to join us and we made a day of it. I got to the store and almost had a heart attack when I looked for the pulls and there weren’t any. Fortunately, they found some in the back but then I opened one to make sure it was the right color to find the screws were missing. Sheesh, Pottery Barn, get your shit together! You totally left a sour taste in my mouth after years of being a loyal customer.

We then went to West Elm and found everything I needed. That place rocks! Most of the items were on sale online but they match the price in store too and a few items were on sale that I didn’t expect to be. I saved so much I picked up an extra goody for the kitchen.

New things makes me happy happy

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe which is a totally cheesy, touristy place but Liv loved it. There was a guy making balloon animals and this dude was like the Lord of Balloons. I asked him if he majored in balloon making in college because there was nothing he couldn’t make. He told me his trade secret, it’s all in the quality of the balloons. He made Ariel The Little mermaid, Spiderman, the Sistine Chapel…he was fascinating to watch in action.

It was very difficult to get her to eat with so many animal distractions
Lord of the balloons
Princess Bratface

How cute is my hubby and his Mommy?
Queen Bratface

We drove down to Laguna Beach but it was too chilly to walk on the beach. It was a nice trip but I’ll stay up north where I belong. So a week has been added to our timeline but I’m so happy with the progress. If anyone is looking for a contractor or handyman, email me. Pottery Barn…you really need to improve your customer service because I’m not a happy camper!

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