I’m gonna miss my floors

Boo, yesterday was my last night with my beautiful unfinished kitchen floors. This morning they will be sanded and stained a darker color. Just how dark we’ll go, we’re not sure yet. Antz has a strong opinion and he’s an artist so I’ll go with what he says. He already knew best when choosing our wall paint *We finally picked a darn color after weeks of deliberating* Is there such a thing as loving floors too much?

I have spent more time on the floor in the last week than I have in seven years.
I almost slept in the kitchen last night, but it was too hot!

It’s gonna be about 4 days until we can walk on the floors while they dry, so I had to reschedule the cabinet installation. So that is pushing our project up another week. *we’re looking at a six weeks timeline now*

The good news is rad Rene hooked up our washer and dryer yesterday and now we can do laundry in 18 minutes! You may be used to such luxuries but for seven years we have been dealing with a washing machine that takes hours to fill up. I’ve already done 4 loads of clothes in the past 2 hours. *STELLAR!* Now if only they can create a machine that folds and puts the clothes away. I used some good ole elbow grease and some bleach to spiff up the old set to sparkle like new.

Don’t mind that old vent, we got a new one properly vented and secured

Yesterday was my BFF date day. We finally reunited with our other bestie after a whole month, la Tarjey! Aimee and I stocked up on tons of lipchap *Mint Eos is my fave* I was giddy to find 3 new books that I had on my wishlist to add to our library.

1. Fifty Shades of Chicken *just when you thought it was over* 2. Pantone Colors *for Liv but really for Mom* 3. Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls *by my man David Sedaris*

So may I geek out over my friend’s beautiful wedding invites for a moment?

Their personalized stamps, and return address are lovely!
I love the wax seal
Loving their color palette! So glad I dragged Jess to the Cream to help her find some wedding inspiration.

I looooooooove weddings!! Happy Friday!!




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