There’s always money in the banana stand

Today the Bluth family frozen banana stand opened in Culver City.

“Mr. Manager”
Where’d you get that juice box?

Antz & I are big fans of the show. I was hoping to see Will Arnett *AKA G.O.B.* even though I’m still mad at him for breaking up with Amy Poehler but there was just some random dude in a banana outfit. The line was ridic, about an hour wait for a frozen banana. I’m not fond of them anyway. We can’t wait for the new season to start on May 26th on Netflix.

All the best shows get cancelled or end too soon. I guess it’s better than dragging on for years until you end of hating it.

Happy Feet
Now I must watch Monsters Inc. with my kid for the millionth time!

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