Los Angeles Zoo

Last weekend we went to the LA Zoo with Antz Mom. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of the zoo here in LA. We’ve already been a bunch of times and to be honest the animals there look depressed. Our visit on Saturday, which was free since Nickelodeon was having a Meet & Greet with the Ninja Turtles, solidified my displeasure with this zoo. Most of the exhibits were closed or being remodeled. The animals that were around, spend most of their time hiding in the corners ignoring the folks gawking at them. We passed by the new, enormous elephant habitat which is pretty impressive but for all that space there only seems to be one lonely elephant living there and we wasn’t around when we were there. Luckily we rode the tram most of the time because it was ridiculously hot, crowded and it was the best way to view the animals. The line to see the Ninja turtles was hours wait, so we skipped it. We saw the giraffes, couldn’t find the zebras and watched the koalas sleep, wheee! Liv and I shared a Hawaiian shaved ice to keep ourselves cool. I wish I could find a shaved ice place that is open year round, it’s one of my favorite treats.

Here’s the deal, I adore going to the zoo. My favorites are the San Francisco zoo and the mother of all zoos, the San Diego zoo. Those enclosures feel more spacious and modern and the animals definitely seem happier. When I go to the LA Zoo, I just wanna free those poor creatures. All I’m saying is, there’s a reason there has been so many escape attempts. Olivia and her Grandma had a fantastic time so that’s all that really matters. I am glad Antz was able to get us in for free since we were able to bypass the lines to buy tickets. I am pretty sure all of Los Angeles was at the zoo that day. We saw tons of folks in Ninja Turtle shirts.

This bear was the most energetic guy at the entire zoo!

These François Langur monkeys were being quite inappropriate
They are so cute!
I’m pretty sure this tortoise has been there since the zoo opened forty years ago
I am making my “these animals are boring” face and being brilliantly photobombed by my Mom
Liv doing her best sad animal impression
Okay, this orangutan lady was rad. Last time we went to the zoo she was breastfeeding her baby.
Now her baby is much bigger and she was playing with a bucket, it was seriously adorable
The Mom kept grabbing sticks to try to get orange rinds someone threw next to the fence for her baby
The baby was doing flips into the bucket, we could have watched her all day.
Finally, before we left we saw the lone elephant.

I’m not saying I won’t go back, but I’ve had my fill of the LA zoo for a long time. I am hoping to check out the Santa Barbara zoo next.

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