Change it Up!

My goodness, what a difference furniture placement can make in a room. For the past eight years we have kept the “dining room” side of our living room in a state of boring. We used the corners to stash things behind furniture we aren’t using everyday like bags of fabric, our broken Bose speakers *I don’t know whether to have them repaired or just buy new ones* and miscellaneous junk *Nintendo Wii accessories/bags of stuff we can’t decide to keep or donate and our vote for Obama 2008 sign too* We’ve had the same modular bookcase from Target sitting in the corner somewhat collecting dust. Our bar hasn’t really been used since our Halloween party ages ago. Well, this Saturday Liv and I went to dance class solo….pause for obligatory photos


Liv has two dance personas

So we could allow Antz to sleep in *he deserves it* When we came home I was so surprised!




My new fiddle fig leaf plant looks so awesome on the bookshelf
The room looked like this before

I’m so happy to have a new home for my beautiful record player. I am super stoked about my new craft space.

Being able to stare at my world map makes me so happy
Antz is so sweet, he put my clock on Paris time because he knows that’s where my heart is.

As for all the junk that was buried in the corners, it all got pushed into another corner!

Dirty little secret stash

We are pretty stumped for where to store this necessary junk. I would love to condense our filing cabinet into this pretty one.

TPS Pink file cabinet

Problem is, this guy is 27″ tall with caster wheels and it wouldn’t fit under any of our desks. If I took off the casters, it still would be such a tight squeeze that I wouldn’t be able to open the top drawer and I doubt all of our paperwork would fit in just one drawer. I’m still searching for the right solution. I am ready to get rid of that old, bulky printer for this slim version but Antz is feeling like, the one we have works and we still need to find a dedicated space for it. Where do most folks keep things like this? Don’t say under the bed or in a closet because our closets are ridiculously stuffed and our bed has storage drawers crammed with bedding and computer supplies.

Oh, I do love the room! I am feeling inspired to paint the walls white, bring in new curtains and finally get a dining table and chairs. We shall see…

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