Paris Apartment Hunting continues

Last night I was elated to have finally found the perfect apartment on Airbnb to rent in Paris for our trip. Lately, I have been looking strictly in le Marais because I wanted to be where the action is at. However, after scouring the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, I couldn’t find the right apartment. I broadened my search just outside of le marais and struck gold.
This apartment was too good to be true. The owners have a young daughter so Liv would have her own bedroom with cute toys. It was by far the largest apartment I’ve seen compared to the price of the tiny ones in le Marais. The beautiful hardwood floors and the crown molding really sold me. It was my perfect vision of our dream Parisian apartment. So I took a deep breath and booked it. I went to bed with a giant grin on my face. I didn’t even show Antz the photos because I wanted to surprise him.

Well, this morning I get an email from the owner and here’s what he said.

Hi Elizabeth and thank you for your message.

Unfortunetly we won’t be able to rent you the apartment because they
just started renovation in our building and for the next three months it´s
gonna be really noisy!

Hope you will find another place.

Best regards.

Ummm, wtf? I can’t believe my luck. Based on the photos, the building and the apartment are in perfect condition so I’m not sure this guy is being truthful with me. I am so bummed. I haven’t even come close to finding an equivalent apartment and now, I really don’t have the energy to keep looking. Every apartment I like is rented or too expensive. I wrote the owner back and said I wouldn’t mind the noise so hopefully he’ll reconsider. What bothers me most is his apartment is still listed for rent for all the dates except the ones I need it. If his apartment building is being renovated, why wouldn’t he block out the next 3 months? Sounds fishy, right?

Reaction GIF: suspicious, Krysten Ritter, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23

I hope something equally amazing comes along but I don’t want to wait much longer and end up without an apartment. I still need to book our train tickets and convert our US dollars at the bank. I have been dreaming of this trip since Olivia was born so I am pretty stressed out that everything goes according to plan.

My bummed face

C’est la vie. I just did this…I hope it works.


2 thoughts on “Paris Apartment Hunting continues

  1. Finally finding an apartment you like feels like winning the lottery! All the stress during the apartment hunting has come to this. It’s just disappointing that the owner had to pull it back due to the renovation of the building. But on the bright side, the owner informed you immediately. At least you still have enough time to look for another apartment, or rent a place while waiting for the renovations. Take care!

    Susan Scott @ Ballarat Apartments

  2. Your house hunting may have taken quite some time, but at least you finally found the right one. It is just sad that the sale didn’t push. But that’s part of the process. Maybe you are meant for a much better deal. I just hope you do found one soon after. Good luck!

    Myron Payne @ Finlay Brewer

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