Parker Palm Springs Part Two

I feel like I had too many photos in my last post so here are the rest of the photos I took of the Parker and the lovely grounds early one morning. I almost did the ice bucket challenge while we were there but no one has challenged me *Antz doesn’t count because he didn’t do it!*

A rare glimpse of Norma’s empty!
Love this color palette!
There are so many hidden spaces to chill by running water
The spa was closed so I didn’t get to check out the indoor pool
I don’t know how they keep their grass so lush in this drought
The Lemonade Stand
Grown-ups only pool
My Mum loves Foo Dogs

There was always a bunny hanging out here

After we said goodbye to our chic room, we headed towards the Saguaro to hunt for the most pinned house on Pinterest. I didn’t have an address other than knowing what the exterior looked like and it’s marked 1100 but no street name. After driving around for about ten minutes Antz had the genius idea to ask the mailman where the house was. We headed over in less than a minute *FYI, there are soo many gorgeous houses on that same street* You can see the interior of this architectural gem here.

This house was a few doors down, love the inner tube lions entry. These folks must party hard!

We had a terrific time in PS, the perfect staycation and lovely place to spend with my two loves.  See you again soon!

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