Guns, I’m just saying.

Liv doing her homework which is singing in French, j’adore!

Have you ever tried to hold in barf? I have, and despite me holding my lips shut and trying to run to the bathroom in time, it came up (re-routing out of my nose!) I know this is a graphic image but I watched the CNN Guns in America: Obama Town Hall tonight and the entire time I felt the urge to barf. It wasn’t vomit though, it’s outrage, sadness and frustration. I am shaking with anger and despair that today, the one year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in Paris, our country is no safer or capable of using common sense.

Of course, I am a democrat, LA liberal so my views and politics are a contradiction to gun owners. My outrage and fist shaking is inconsequential. We live in an age of constant opinion with no listening or reason, constant information and speaking loudly in anonymity online yet living¬†in blissful¬†ignorance and inaction in real life. No, I’m not trying to sound deep here. I am just tired of tolerating things from online “friends and family” that I would never tolerate in real life. I am feeling like a hypocrite when I politely ignore the obnoxious drivel for the sake of not wanting to engage online. I spent most of my twenties not caring about¬†politics or ever watching the news (pretty much my protest of¬†the Bush administration). I can’t stand hearing all the horror on the¬†news and shitty things going on in the world but when I became a parent, and became more involved in my community, I could no longer turn a blind eye to the shitty state of the world. I grew up and began to acknowledge¬†awful things¬†exist so I have be prepared and participate in the solutions. Terrorism is still new for¬†me, I was deeply effected by 9/11 but it felt so far from sunny, safe California. I always knew the helicopter flying over my neighborhood at night was chasing a criminal but I haven’t been a victim yet so it’s been the luck of the draw. That doesn’t mean I’m going to arm myself like a militia. I don’t have a problem with gun owners. I have a problem with people who own semi-automatic weapons, anyone who owns a silencer, or hobbyist/collectors who own functioning weapons. There is absolutely no reason to go there. The only word I can think of to describe the NRA and the folks who support them is IMBECILE!

We¬†now have a daughter. She¬†has changed my life to an enormous degree. I am going to be honest, if my daughter was ever a victim of violence or tragedy, you wouldn’t see me on TV crying, wearing a pin to honor her memory. I would be in a jail or an insane asylum. A few weeks ago there was a threat to LAUSD which caused a mandatory closure of all public schools. Liv’s school was still open and at first I thought, she’ll be fine, her school is safe and I can’t raise her to be fearful. Then on my drive to school, I had a pit in my stomach so¬†I just turned around and decided that nothing is worth my child’s life. I trusted my instinct and kept her home with me. The whole day I knew it would be a false alarm and I thought she could have gone¬†to school but lately¬†I have adapted to this ¬†“Better safe than sorry” existence. The assholes have the upper hand.

There’s no way I could even think of something happening to her so when I read articles, tweets or see on TV anyone advocating for the NRA or making ridiculous statements about “Their rights to bear arms” or “If I had a gun, I could have prevented a crime” I get angry. I am always talking about¬†wanting to move from this¬†country that has more gun deaths in a day than other countries have in an entire year. However, after two attacks in Paris, nowhere is truly safe. Yet, the lack of common sense I heard during this Town Hall was infuriating. The facts are so disturbing. For most honest, law-abiding citizens who are responsible gun-owners, by¬†making it harder for them to buy a gun will not stop shootings or deter crime. So what else can we do??!! Anything is better than nothing. I was waiting for our President to say what I’m screaming at the TV for 34 minutes. Then he finally started saying what I agree with most.

  1. No one is taking your guns or your right to bear arms away but making restrictions on gun purchases to make it harder for convicts, mentally ill or bad guys to access them. You know, I get so pissed when I hear the dumbs spouting about their constitution rights. Back when the dudes wrote it, they owned PEOPLE like property!! Women couldn’t vote!! You needed a gun to keep the British away!! It’s not the end of the world if¬†the Constitution gets updated.
  2. If you are a law-abiding citizen, then why are you upset if there are more mandatory background checks? You still can buy guns but why shouldn’t it be harder and more training required?¬†LIKE MAYBE IT WON’T HURT IF IT’S TO HELP PROTECT OUR KIDS!! I’m even all for smart guns. If it saves even one accidental gun death, it’s worth it.
  3. Just because you can’t stop every crime doesn’t mean you should stop trying to DO SOMETHING to stop potential¬†crimes (or accidents or suicides!!). How can we just continue to do nothing and say a prayer for every innocent victim.
  4. We have restrictions and safety laws on a majority of our products (cars Рseat belts/pills Рchildproof /etc.) that are in place to prevent deaths and yet guns are the only fatal item that causes resistance to making them safer!

I could go on¬†but no matter how much I or anyone argues or try to apply common sense on this matter, there seems to be nothing stopping criminals, mentally ill people or terrorists from killing. Nor does it stop the FOX news to profit off of fear and their propaganda of having more guns make us safe. Then on top of all this we got Douchebag Trump’s smug potato face everywhere saying he’s going to be our next President. I can’t.

No matter how much I rant, get worked up and comment, I am just another jerk on the internet voicing my opinion and I’m fully aware that Nobody really gives a shit!



**UPDATE: I have slept on my feelings and today I feel I need a break from my computer. Particularly The Facebook. I don’t know why I feed into the negativity and stupidity willingly. I really get bothered by folks who publicly announce they are leaving social media. To me it¬†seems like they are doing it for attention or even vaguely hoping people will beg them to return but I feel like I’m not participating in a community of inspiration or creativity. Or maybe I’m overwhelmed by the nonstop news about shootings, the injustice I feel from watching Making a Murderer and the presidential race. I have to go with my instinct on this and bury my head in the sand for the sake of my sanity. It’s the comments on articles like this that have me tearing my hair out. My reality is, I am a happy person who is grateful for the life I have so I don’t want to stifle my happiness with the world’s drama. It’s a pity I am starting off the year like this but maybe it’s for the best. So Au revoir in dramatic fashion. It’s you not me!


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