Bonne Année 2016!

Bonjour new year! I am so stoked for 2016 mostly because my life has a weird pattern of incredible years being even-numbered (Antz and I met in 1996, got engaged in 2000, got married in 2002, bought our house in 2006, had Liv in 2010) As crazy as it sounds, it’s been a trend that my best years have been even ones. So…what’s my plan for twenty sixteen?

My awesome agenda and pen is from

No more new year resolutions!!

I am adopting a new system this year of making more reasonable monthly goals. I am much more inspired to commit on a smaller scale.

January’s Goals
Exercise three times a week (swim/jog/cardio)
Only drink water Monday – Friday (no more soda!)
Go on a family hike once a month
No credit cards (I am no longer on plastic!)
Save weekly (feels more do-able than monthly)

And what are we saving for…? A trip to Europe, of course!

Bruges, Belgium looks dreamy.

My wanderlust is at it’s worst. I was speaking to Antz today and mentioned that our trip to Europe was already two years ago. It feels like a million years ago. There are so many rad cities I’d love to visit so it’s been impossible putting together an itinerary. I signed up for a membership on a house swap website so we can swap with someone and save money on accommodations. I’ve been thinking about our options for what time of year we’ll travel. Low gas prices means there is ridiculously inexpensive airfare now (shout out to my new fave Norwegian Air!) so this spring is my top choice. We would have more time to travel during the summer (however it’s the most expensive time to travel) and I don’t want to go during the Europe Cup and be miserable and hot. Spring has nicer weather, less crowds and everything looks so gorgeous. Liv has been saying we need to return to Amsterdam since we missed the tulip fields.


I am excited that I can change my monthly goals as I achieve them and also maintain my goals all year long rather than forget about them in a few months. We took a lovely family walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. I downloaded this app to incorporate into our daily routine once Liv goes back to school. It feels like a gentle reminder to incorporate our goals into our life rather than feel stressed to complete something I’m not in the mood to do.

Olivia’s Godparents gave our family a membership to the Aquarium of the Pacific for Christmas so we are looking forward to spending more time with the penguins. Liv is all about the jellyfish and I could sit and watch the otters play all day. We took a trip during her Christmas break and I was so happy to enjoy our time without feeling we need to rush to see everything in one day. Knowing we can always come back allows us to spend more time focusing on a our favorite exhibits.




We called this guy Bruce of course, he kept smiling for the camera.

There was a glass enclosed space that only a few people could fit in and see the penguins up close. I wish we could have stayed in there all day but other kids were impatiently waiting for us to move.


Otters are the best! We plan to go at least twice a month. Merci Padrinos!

Here’s to a fabulous New Year full of travel, creating memories, experiencing new, exciting places and filling our house with photos not clutter.

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