3 Days till Halloweenie

So, today I need to cut the horrible wig I got for my Rosemary costume. I got *well Antz found it* the best blue nightgown from a Thirft Store and has been freshly laundered. Antz bought a knife that looks more machete than kitchen knife but we both think it’s funny. I will post my dress rehearsal later. We went to the doc’s yesterday and alas, no more blood! The bebe’s heartbeat is 170.

The bebe is starting to actually look like a baby!!

Monday we went to see The Gossip. I was super excited because I love Beth Ditto and I knew she would be rad but we showed up way too early because I thought it started at 7, it started at 8 and the Gossip didn’t even perform until 11:30 so my feet were not happy. We did get to stand in the front row and I got some decent shots.

Waiting in line, for HOURS!!

The opening band, We Are the World, I liked them, great dancing!

The second band, MEN, didn’t like so much, all the songs sounded the same.

The Gossip, they were wonderful! Beth had a sore throat but she still sounded amazing!
Overall, I prolly wouldn’t have gone just because it was general admission and I need a seat at a show. I’m getting to old to be in the mosh pit.
Friday we are gonna see Paranormal Activity at Paramount. Leslie’s Halloween party is Saturday. We still have no idea what Antz is gonna be but I really want him to be Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Nightman!
Update: Antz has decided to be a garden gnome
The Inspiration. He just has to buy a Santa beard. I cut my wig and it looks more Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman wig than Rosemary’s pixie cut ๐Ÿ™

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