Happy Year of the Tiger!!

I am super excited for 2010! So many amazing. life-changing experiences are bound to happen in this decade. I would love to start off with a bang and book our babymoon in Montreal but I must wait until the end of February when Antz gets his bonus. We had a nice NYE cleaning up the house *very productive* I did laundry and cleaned the bedroom while Antz cleaned his office. I am so proud, he managed to clean out his desk drawers and he even cleared out a shelf on his bookcase for bebe. We went to a matinee of Avatar which I thought was ok however Antz loved it. We then spontaneously drove past the Rose Parade route to gawk at the out-of-towners camped out overnight along Colorado Blvd. and the Rose Bowl. Luckily we got a sneak peek at about 10 of the parade floats only we forgot the cameras at home *grrr*. We stopped by Antz Mom’s house for a few hours and watched a DVD of the family her brother made as a Christmas gift. We made it back home by 10:30 and hung out watching the countdown on CNN while Antz uploaded some videos from our game show days. After a New Year’s kiss and a few nieghborhood fireworks I had an attack of the sleepies hence this early morning post. My best friend is coming over for a visit with her son so I am stokked to see her. I am watching the coolest documentary, Man on a Wire. So here’s a toast *of water* to new adventures, new bebe, new commitments & new Lizzie!

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