I’m officially 4 months preggers

Well hello there, I am 18 weeks today yet I just took my week 17 photo, naughty girl! I had a busy week and I promise not to wait until the day before to take it again…see New Year’s promise in action. I ran tons of errands today despite the drizzling rain. I spent awhile in Target, my fave store and I bought a dry erase calendar which is all filled out and hanging on the fridge door *most viewed spot in our house*. I also bought a roll of adorable cabinet liner so I can pretty-fy the linen closet and make room for bebe’s toiletries and items. I would love to buy new towels as our old ones are frayed from being caught on my wedding ring 🙁 I did resist temptation and stuck to my budget. I am feeling a bit deprived at the moment because I am out of my fave soap however at $18 per bar I am making the sacrifice for bebe’s savings. I am using a grapefruit body gel I picked up and it does the job but my skin doesn’t feel as supple as the Bliss Lemon+Sage Soap Slab.

Hopefully one of my kindhearted pals will gift me with a Nordstrom or Sephora gift card so I can stock up.
So 17 weeks photo, not my favorite. I seem to be looking worse each week but I am much too tired from yoga to fix my hair up and put on makeup. I did a wardrobe change to show off my large tummy but I don’t think it shows it any clearer. Oh well, I will look dazzling in a few days 🙂

I can’t believe the little one is merely the size and weight of an onion! Sheesh. I honestly have only gained 8 pounds since August.
Changing the subject, my darling hubby has completed yet another masterpiece that I must share, I love how it’s inspired by the 1960’s Hanna Barbera look.
He says I’m the girl creature but I’ve never been short in my life, I will admit to a unibrow and large feet however. At least he is bestowing a cactus bouquet upon me. My bff, Aimee and her *now teenage* son is  coming by on New Years so that will be exciting. 🙂 Tomorrow we are finally seeing Avatar, not too keen on seeing it but I succomb to peer pressure, everyone I know raves about it.

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