20 Weeks today, halfway there

It’s Thursday, this week seems to be crawling by. Antz had jury duty today. I can’t believe I am half way through my pregnancy. To be quite honest apart from the sleepiness and ligament pain in my pelvis, I feel robbed of my preggo experience. Not that I was too keen on kneeling over the toilet and backaches but I feel like Antz and I are the only ones who know I am pregnant. I try to rub my belly and waddle when I walk but I just look like I finished a huge meal. My Mom introduced me to her friend and although I was constantly rubbing my tummy she had no idea I was pregnant. She tried to cover it with OMG you look too small to be 20 weeks! Umm, yeah small for a giant maybe, not convincing. So again I am playing the waiting game. It’s just as excruciating as the 2 week wait because I need to see an ultrasound. I had a hard time finding the bebe’s heartbeat yesterday with the headset. Eventually I did hear a faint pounding but why can’t I feel this bebe moving? Ok, I must admit, there is a great deal of fat layers to muffle through feeling, hmmph! I am eager beaver to get to each milestone. I am ready to know the sex, I am ready for the bebe to be able to recognize our voices and I am so ready for March *possible bebemoon*. So ever since our lovely brunch with the nephews we have been vigiliant about keeping the house *show ready*. Antz found a home for the freebie dresser in his closet and my Mom’s congas look great in the living room. Now that the house stays clean, it’s so obvious we need a new stove and fireplace set. They are such an eyesore for me. Speaking of homes, we have a new neighbor, she is a lovely hummingbird who has nested in our plum tree.

I am worried for her, she is in the lowest part of the tree and anyone who walks by on the sidewalk could accidently knock over her house. We aren’t sure but we think she may have bebes in there. I love watching her fly in and out of the nest.
Again I missed weekly yoga, grrr! I somehow fell asleep with Antz and missed the time. I will not miss next weeks class. This weekend no big plans, going to Paramount to see The Princess & the Frog. Maybe we’ll have a look-see at Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn to check out candelabras for the fireplace. It seems like such a simple DIY, I don’t know why I haven’t done it years ago.

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