5 Days to go! 120 Hours but who’s counting?

I can handle 5 days right? Time will fly by, I will keep myself preoccupied and not constantly ponder if we will have Olivia or Parker in our lives. Wow, us having a kid, trippy! I totally eat Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars for dinner, how will I provide nutritious meals for my growing child? I spend a majority of my day surfing the web for bebe furniture and reading home improvement blogs, how will I keep a routine schedule that provides stability and be productive? Not only am I plagued with these questions but Antz hit me with a dose of reality last night when I was talking about the bebe shower plans. As it stands, I have the shower budget set at $4,000.89. Antz mentioned the leaky garage, new stove and the small DIY projects I’ve been saying I would do if we had the budget and I keep saying how I’d like these things completed before the bebe is born, well, it makes it seem crazy to spend that much on a bebe shower and not take care of our house first. My resolutions are biting me in the ass because now it feels like it’s bebe shower vs home improvements *badly needed*. Grrr, I hate responsibility! I have been dreaming of having the most awesome shower ever since I attended my first shower 10 years ago. Antz sister had a shower at his Mom’s house and it was fun but poorly planned. There were no decorations, no music, no seating, it felt like a large family get-together rather than a baby shower. I knew then, I would have a shower that would blow everyone away. I cannot stop bragging to friends and family about how amazing it’s going to be. I am only having one child and after the expensive, exhausting 3 years it took us to get pregnant, I feel like we deserve a huge celebration. How can I do both without sacrificing either budget? I also have to figure out a way to come up with another $4,000 for our bebemoon in March. I was confident my hubby would get a ton of freelance at the end of the year and I would have no worries. The economy has made it very difficult for him to make supplemental income. I can’t just rely on his company bonus because it’s not a guaranteed deal. I don’t want  to accumulate any additional credit card debt.  I honestly believe I used up my lifetime supply of good luck when I won the Price is Right in 1997.

Part One *if you look closely you can see Anthony in the audience*

Spinning the Wheel

The Showcase Showdown *I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint!!* How much do you love that after I win I run my ass off the stage while Bob was talking to me *Oblivious!*

I totally miss the good ole days when Antz company would fly us places all expenses paid. It makes it that much harder to spend $600 on airfare and another $700 on a hotel. I need this bebemoon, I haven’t travelled since 2008. I suppose that’s what prompted me to play the Lotto today, you never know.


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