Yawn, I’m an beyond tired but I’m gonna make it throught this post

It’s ironic how drained I feel because last night was the first night I slept all the way till morning in months. I really think we both had a nice, long night’s rest because our house is now clean and clutter-free. We both even slept in this morning, I woke up at my usual time 8:30 but we both stayed in bed until 9. This morning I finally got an email from Monte Designs about the shipping of my glider and bassinet. They said it takes 6 weeks before they ship it *I suppose they have to actually make the chair* and then an additional week to deliver it. Based on the day I ordered it, it may be delivered the day before the shower. LAME to the max!!
On the way to acupuncture I dropped off the invites at the post office. I was a bit worried since it rained this morning, I didn’t want them to get wet but by noon it was sunny and bright, although a bit windy. I hand delivered Gilli’s because I wanted to see her reaction. Of course, she loved it and told me my husband is so clever. She told me she wasn’t sure if her husband and sons would make it but she would come for sure. I still need to order the Fuji instant camera before it sells out on Amazon. After Gilli, I went to Antz sister’s store *Bed, Bath & Beyond* to ask her about ordering some pots and the fireplace screen. I found a 14 piece set that I like by Martha Stewart at Macy’s that I like better for less money and after seeing the Calphlan set, I don’t think I’ll order from BB&B.

I went to Target and bought shipping labels *for the name cards*, a 5-pack of onesies for the guests to decorate and a plastic straw dispenser. I went to lunch with his sister at Coco’s and ate like I had never eaten before. I definitely have my appetite back. I even took home a piece of oreo cheesecake. Driving home, I stopped off at Smart & Final to look for some black serving forks and spoons. I found a 9 piece set for $5. When I got home I had a box from Gap waiting for me. I was so tired I could barely carry the box into my bedroom. I opened a few of the packages and I see they sent me the wrong dress so I’ll have to go to the store tomorrow and exchange it. I may buy the Sam Edelman sandals while I’m at the mall. I am honestly exhausted so I’m calling it a night at 7:30. Nighty Night!

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