What a week this is becoming

As much as I try to avoid drama, it seems to find me. Last night at the L&D class the instructor mentioned you should be feeling your babies all the time. Well Olivia decided she wasn’t going to move all night long. It was driving me crazy because nighttime is her party time. I kept having Antz check my tummy but I couldn’t feel a thing and a knot was growing in my stomach with worry. Around 3 am last night we felt her move but all day nothing! So I had my first-time-Mom anxiety attack and I called my doc. The nurse told me to come straight in and Antz met me at the office. The nurse checked with the doppel and after the longest 10 minutes of my life she found her heartbeat. You have no idea how panicked I was!! So they put me on a fetal monitor for 20 minutes and my doc checked her movement. She used this gun that makes a loud noise to get her to move and sure enough she kicked really hard when she heard it. Doc also did an ultrasound to check her size and the fluid. She is head down which is great because I was worried she wouldn’t get into position on her own. Her heartbeat was strong and her fluid is measuring fine. Doc said it could be her adjusting to being in the head down position thats stopping her regular movement. She said we’ll do another check at 37 weeks just to check her size. She’s measuring at the right size for her age but super long *tall like her parents* We got a pic of her but we didn’t take our own pictures this time * too nervous*.

So, I am finished with my spazz attack and I can relax. Even though it’s lightly raining our friend Justin is coming by at 6 to bring us some compost to help our grass. 🙂
Well Justin just left and he is mega rad for helping us with the yard even in the light rain. Hopefully our soil will get richer and start growing lush grass.

Even better news we got our Martha Stewart cookware from Macy’s. I can’t believe I spent $80 on 2 measly pots at Target when I bought a 12-piece set and a griddle for $78.99.

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