Panic Attack Part 2

This is nowhere near as epic as the baby freak out earlier *she’s now moving enough to keep me happy*. I just confirmed our preggo photo shoot for this Friday and I feel so unprepared. I don’t know what I am wearing or styling my hair and makeup. I have been searching wedding blogs for photo ideas but Antz thinks I’m nuts because he thinks we can just be spontaneous and follow our photographers direction. My issue is I sorta want to recreate some of our wedding shots *since we’ll be on the same beach we were wed on*. I also want to use some props *our moustaches, the goldfish kite and my parasol*. I really get inspired by these shots *found on Once Wed* yet I need tweak them into preggo shots.
Love these couple jumping unfortunately, I can’t jump but Antz could!

We are going to make a banner simliar to this with Olivia’s name using Martha Stewart orange glitter and leftover foam board. Antz cut out the letters and I’ll add glitter tomorrow.

I really want to have good poses ready since we only have 2 hours with her.
My lovely printed the Cirque du Bebe crest on paper for Jeff *the caricaturist* to use for his drawings. I really hope we don’t run out, he printed 60. Slowly but surely checking things off our to-do list.

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