A Finished Nursery

This morning we were woken up by a buzz at our gate at 7am! It was the crew with the iron guy and they have been happily working for the past 2 hours drilling holes for the iron posts.

I think we are having an inspection today so *fingers crossed, rubbing rabbits foot* I am holding my breathe we pass. It’s such a relief that they are working again but there are still some obstacles and the crew has to reinstall our floodlight *my Mom is bringing us a new one from her house in Apple Valley*, fix our garage sensors, the garage won’t close because they had to move the sensors so it needs to be re-configured and put back a part of our stair railing. If everything keeps going like it is, they have 5 more days of work so it’s a tight deadline.

8 Months of hard work!

My honey bunny took some pics of the nursery with the SLR this morning which look much better than the ones I took last night with the Canon powershot. Voila! Our finished nursery!!

Buying Guide:
Paint: Martha Stewart Living Interior Matte Flat Paint in Reed/Tailor’s Chalk and White from Home Depot
Furniture: Classic crib, changing table, dresser and hutch – Oeuf NYC (we found ours brand new on Craigslist for waaay less than retail)
Rug/Doorknob: Dream Menagerie Rug / Junco Doorknob from Anthropologie
Curtains/Tiebacks: Canvas Grommet Panels from Pottery Barn Kids; Leaf Tiebacks from Urban Outfitters
Poster: Sasquatch! Music Festival Giclee Print from Invisible Creature
Glider/Bassinet: Luca Glider/ Ninna Nanna bassinet from Monte Design
Footstool: Moroccan Leather Pouf from Tazi
Small Bookcase: Expedit Shelving unit from Ikea
Desk: Fredrik from Ikea (pre-owned)
Mattress/Crib Bedding: Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 Crib mattress; Litto Kids Magic Garden Crib Set from Modern Nursery
Artwork: My husband!!
Mobile: handmade by my husband
Ceiling fan: from Restoration Hardware (pre-owned)

We are going to email these to the lovely woman who sold us the Oeuf furniture from craigslist today. She is preggers with her 3rd child and she had 2 boys and she really wanted a girl but she was having another boy. Which is why we scored such a deal on the Oeuf furniture.

Today I am going to World Market to buy some pretty pillows for the couch. I also need food for Maxie. I still need to find an electrician to fix the light in the closet and the kitchen. Tomorrow my Mom is coming to LA for her art show Saturday. YAY!

I just found out we passed the first rough inspection!! I can’t believe I am actually hearing good news. Whew! Now they can finish the railing to and the next 2 days they can start working on the roof. SO RAD!!

The chick who sold us the furniture wrote back:

You guys are the cutest. Thank you for sending the pictures and the nice words! I love the orange–so happy. As for us, we are figuring out our new family dynamic with Zac. It has been fun but hectic. Bryan and I send our best wishes to you 3. May you have as much love as your hearts can bear!


Awww, tear! I can’t believe we got such a deal on the furniture *saved $700!!!*

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