8 Days!! Are you kidding me??

How did our shower countdown get into single digits?? I have been dreaming of this baby shower for close to a year *just as giddy as I was on my wedding day*. I have a better sense of everything getting done in time. Particularly because the garage has made big progress

Today’s progress

Today I need to run errands and most importantly I am going to look for some new couch pillows!! The ones we have now are so yawn!

Sorry not the best pic of the pillows but they are sad lumpy Ikea pillows and I don’t feel like they look good. I can’t wait until the garage is ready so I can clean our house! Tonight my Mommy is coming by with her friend Patti to drop off a new floodlight for us and check out the nursery. Thank goodness there is one clean room in this house.

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