Well hello summer heat, where have you been?

Ok, of course today of all days, Mother Nature has finally remembered, Oh! it’s summer and it should be 80° today. Now I love hot weather on a typical basis but today I am particularly tired from an all-nighter and Liv has been in fussy-overdrive *I think she hates the heat*. I have been too busy trying to calm her down to wash dishes or grab any food. I have a long list of things to-do today when Antz gets home.

Pick up Liv’s perscription and baby tylenol *boo, I went to 3 stores and its sold out*
Go to Target
Get gas in my car/car wash
Pick up cookie decorations and ribbon
Pick up Livs Birth certificate from Pasadena City Hall *will go tomorrow with my Mom*
Color my Mom’s hair
Clean the house
Print maps from the church to our house
Take a photo of Liv in her christening gown *like mine*

I also have a busy rest of this week 🙁 Mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I’m coloring her hair. Thursday is Liv’s pediatrication appt and my ob/gyn appt. and after Antz gets off we are going to Leslie’s to decorate the cookies. Friday we have to clean our house and print maps from the church to our house. I am concerned about getting someone to take photos at the christening. Aimee volunteered Holden but I’m not sure he will get the shots I want. If Antz uncle Richard goes maybe I’ll ask him. I still am not sure what I am wearing but most likely my white dress and my blue cardigan.
I finished most of my things to do but there was a recall on Infant tylenol and I couldn’t find any so I need to call Dr. Wang tomorrow and ask what should I get. I picked up her perscription of Rotanq and Emla cream. I also bought some bandaids from Urban Outfitters but I wanted either crayola or bacon ones. I am a little nervous about her vaccinations, I know Dr Wang is only protecting Olivia but I worry she may get sick or it may have side effects. I am praying she doesn’t cry but she did well when she got her Hep B shots at the hospital. When I was at Whole Foods looking for Infant tylenol I picked up some red Toms *who knew they sold them there*. I also went to Paper Source to get ribbon for the cookies and that store is super cute. I was so tempted to buy the matching Mommy/daughter cupcake aprons but I resisted. It will be awhile before Liv would wear it anyway.

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