Why oh why can’t I clone myself?

Yesterday I thought  I was being productive and crossing things off my things to do list, however I have reached an obstacle. I can’t find any Infant tylenol liquid drops *turns out tylenol has been recalled*. Then today I tried to get Olivia’s birth certficate from Pasadena City Hall and *bummers* they told me I have to go to another location. I did complete one thing on my list *color my Mommy’s hair* but it came out terrible. She wanted to go lighter but I only had 20% developer so it is too light in the front *because of her gray* and still dark in the back. I am glad she isn’t picky about her hair. We went to the Corner Bakery for lunch with my Mom’s best friend, Debbie. It was crowded but luckily Liv slept the whole time.

Things to Do
Pick up Liv’s perscription and baby tylenol *boo, I went to 3 stores and its sold out*
Go to Target
Get gas in my car/car wash
Pick up cookie decorations and ribbon
Pick up Livs Birth certificate from Pasadena City Hall *will go tomorrow with Antz after Liv’s appt*
Color my Mom’s hair
Clean the house
Print maps from the church to our house
Finish decorating cookie favors *at Leslie’s tomorrow at 5pm*
Take a photo of Liv in her christening gown *like mine*

I hope we get alot done tonight. At least I already have her gown and blanket ready to go!

We just need to finish the cookies *tomorrow night* and pick up a traveler from Starbucks

I’m going to try Babies R Us for the infant tylenol. I am super happy because while I was searching at Whole Foods I picked up a pair of red Toms *that I was been coveting for weeks*

I also got a necklace from Urban Outfitters while I was getting some bandaids for Liv.

My silly girl *when she smiles, it makes my heart burst with love*

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