Mix Tape Fridays Vol 14

This has been a pretty kick ass week so I’m making a special Kick Ass FREEKY Mix Tape!

Thanks Story from turning me on to the Freekiness!! Yolandi Vissa is super cute

“I Fink U Freeky” Die Antwoord


“Come to Daddy” Aphex Twin

Sometimes I’m just in a German Industrial rocking mood…

“Du Hast” Rammstein

This one is for Aimee, cause Annabelle Lwin is FREAKY!!! but I love this song.

“Aphrodisiac” Bow Wow Wow

This song is dedicated to my lovely. His name is Antz and I want to dance to this with him.

“Jaan Pehechaan Ho” Muhammad Rafi *from the Ghost World soundtrack*

Mandatory Björk song off the week. This B-side is such an incredible song. I haven’t heard it for years until I made Evelyn & Dion a mix tape for their care package. Bloody fantastic!
*not sure why they are showing the Joga video*

“Sod Off” Björk

Original Bad-ass, Johnny Cash

“Boy Named Sue” Johnny Cash

Antz is all over her lately…I wonder why?

“Blue Jeans” Lana del Rey aka Elizabeth Grant

Kirsten is SPOT ON!

SNL Weekend Update

Happy Happy Weekend!

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