I was overly ambitious

Well, tragedy has struck in my backyard. I was watering our asparagus fern *Fernie*

when I noticed water running like a creek from the garden bed

Merde!! This very same thing happened last summer when our main pipe broke in the front of our house. It cost $2500 to replace the galvanized pipe. I called Malcolm *our plumber* but he can’t come out until tomorrow *our anniversary* This only reaffirms my feelings of selling this house. Anthony is fine with staying here and continue to renovate but there is too much to be done and if we fixed this house we would be over valued for this neighborhood. Our house is a blessing and a curse. I love our starter house but in March we will be here for 5 years and we can’t keep putting money into the many repairs and cosmetic remodeling. I just want to fix the plumbing *lame* do a light remodel in the kitchen and bathroom and maintain the grass/garden until we sell. I am still hoping to sell in Spring of 2013 and move by summer. I would make it sooner but next year we have to do the kitchen and bathroom work and 2012 is our big trip so I am keeping my fingers crossed the housing market will be stronger in 2014.

So now that I have shut off the water, I decided it wouldn’t be wise to cook at home *and dirty all the dishes I just washed* so I called in an order at Thai Eagle Rox. I was going to drive *it’s 5 minutes away by car* and pick it up but I wanted to get out of the house so I decided to take a walk with Liv around the corner. OK, Bad decision! I started out alright but the second I hit the first block, the sun choose to shine super bright and it was like 100°!! Luckily I covered Liv’s stroller with her blanket so she was in the shade but I was boiling! I tried to listen to my iPhone as we walked but my face was so sweaty the earbuds kept sliding off. Highland Park has the worst sidewalks I have ever walked on. I felt like I was pushing Liv on an obstacle course because her stroller wheels could barely traverse the uneven terrain. I see tons of girls pushing cheapo strollers but I have no idea how they do it. It took me almost 20 minutes to walk 6 blocks! I did snap a pic of this new art gallery on York that I need to check out *it was closed*. Once I arrived, I was so hot I had to order an ice water and sit down before I passed out. Olivia slept the entire time but she was sweaty also. On the walk back it felt like the street got longer *never-ending*. I was walking in slow motion, every tree was low enough to hit my head yet provide absolutely no shade. I thought I would wake Liv pushing her on such a bump ride but she seemed to enjoy it. I am sure a bee stung my ankle and I had to change my clothes when we got home because I was drenched. If I do ever walk around my house again I will know better and go at dusk. When we made it home *45 minutes later* I was too tired to eat and Liv was hungry and I needed to sponge her off. I am hoping the pipe won’t cost more than $500 but of course it will be more. Oh well, at least my Liv is happy. As long as shes happy, I’m mega happy! *joy, joy*

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