Happy Autumn

Well I know yesterday was the 1st but since today is Liv’s 4 month birthday we have cause for celebration. Yesterday we went to visit our old doc Dr. Evans. I hadn’t seen her since I was 12 weeks preggers so it was a happy reunion. She loves Olivia *of course* and we hung out bombarding her with pictures and anecdotes about her baby shower, her nursery, her birth and her christening. We still have to print a photo to give her to put in her office.







Wow, I love how it’s the giants vs the regular-sized people!! Haha, my hair is super frizzy *lame* because on my way to the doc’s office Los Angeles thought it would be awesome to have a mini torrential storm right as I was taking Olivia to the garage to put her in the car. Ummm, ok my dress got wet, I had to put a towel over my head because my umbrella was downstairs in the trunk of my car *genius Liz* and I almost dropped the camera. Luckily Liv didn’t get wet and I managed to get this shot of the freak 10 minute BIBLICAL rains







Funny thing is, Anthony’s office is 15 minutes away in Glendale and he said it was blue skies and had no idea it was raining here. So Olivia and I attempted to stop at CVS to print some of her photoshoot pics *since our printer is an ink addict* but the line was too long and I didn’t want to be late to see Dr. Evans. Antz got held up too because there was an accident on the freeway *boo, I hate being late*. We decided to have lunch after the visit so we went to Boston Market *fancy huh?* and I ate the world’s largest caesar salad *super yummy*. By the time we left it was almost 2. Hubby went back to work and Liv and I went back to CVS so I could make the prints to put into the new photo album I picked up at Target Thursday. The guy in the photo dept was really helpful and I printed 65 pics. They came out better than our printer so I’m going back to print more and make a photobook for the Grandma’s *for Christmas gifts*. While I was at CVS I picked up a couple of cute pumpkins









We need to go back to get a few more for the front porch. I really want white pumpkins but we’re taking Liv to a pumpkin patch *YAY! I’ve been wanting to take pics of her at a pumpkin patch since I was preggers*. I’m thinking of taking her to the Brentwood or Westwood patch because we may bump into some celebs *they always take their kids to take pics and papperazzi are always lurking*. So the clean kitchen you see above is courtesy of me waking up early and scrubbing, washing and swiftering my little hear out. I even finished before noon *yay me*. So now I can laze around the house and I’m thinking of going outside and reading my Earth book in the hammock since it’s such a lovely day. Antz just went to pick up a pizza from Round Table *yum* and tomorrow we are going to the Montrose Harvest Festival with Story & Chris. I need to buy new flowers for Liv’s nursery and my next baking enterprise will be a pumpkin pie! Antz keeps asking me to make something from “scratch” *although to me from the box is as scratch as I can get* but I told him I need a Kitchenaid mixer to create that homestyle taste he craves. He ate ALL the lemon bars but I bought a box of cookie brownies that I’ll make next week. This morning we were talking about our holiday plans. I was thumbing through the new Fresh Home magazine when I saw the most gorgeous table settings for Thanksgiving ever!! ME LIKEY!! I love the color palette and the chic modern feel *sooo pretty*.








The dining table in the mag is even similar to my dream dining furniture. It made me sad I’m not having my big dinner this year but I would rather wait until we move into our new house and I have an actual formal dining room/table to serve our guests. I am soo impatient!! So we were thinking about the upcoming holidays and we decided to make our holiday card *still need to come up with a rad theme* and I’ll bake cookies *with pink and green M&Ms* and Antz will make me an awesome label to give to friends and family. I originally wanted this year to be our Pink Christmas but I’ll wait until we move *Antz wasn’t so keen on the idea of a pink Christmas anyway*. There’s not enough room in this house and I’d rather spend the money at Disneyland/gifts for Liv and just have a small Christmas tree this year. *how mature of me, eep!* I wrote out this month’s calendar *not super busy this month, wow*







I was thinking of how I have quite a few things to finish this month…

Things To Do

Start shopping for Liv’s Christmas presents

Make Christmas card list

Choose a christmas card theme

Send our knives to Cutco to be sharpened.

Make prints at CVS and finish Liv’s scrapbooks

Make photobooks for the Grandmas *score, they are buy one get one free at CVS*

Antz~Make Liv’s video montage *this is a big project*

Liz~Bake a pumpkin pie *maybe I’ll buy the ingredients at the Harvest Festival tomorrow

Decorate our house for Halloween *this weekend*

Take Liv to *South Pasadena and Brentwood* pumpkin patch for photos and buy a white pumpkin *Antz wants to wait until the 30th to decorate our pumpkins but I want to showcase them all this month*

Make our costumes:

Me~ 1960’s housewife *I’ve been obsessed with Mad Men so I have a great look in mind and it will cost $0*








Antz~ not sure yet, he tends to come up with something brilliant at the last minute

Liv~ Fairy *same as the Mythical Creatures Party* but Antz wants to add something else to give it more pizazz!

I am working on Liv’s Christmas list but it’s a difficult task for me because of course I want to buy any and everything for her but I have to keep in mind, storage, it has to be age appropriate and to get her things she needs vs things I want for her. I have a good idea of some essentials that won’t take up too much room but I also want her 1st Christmas to be spectacular!! So far no Turkey day plans but I’m sure we’ll get invited somewhere. If not, maybe we’ll have a mini-vacay in Big Sur *wishful thinking*. Oh before I go, I want to nerd out about my most recent iTunes purchase

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