Mister President

OK, I am a nutball, I have this notion that I am raising a prodigy *the next Mozart but cooler* so I want to start her education early *prenatal even* so that she thinks learning is actually *gasp* fun! Antz has started her off with these amazing handmade flash cards that we practice everyday. Now I’m obsessed with her learning all the presidents *and their term years* before she’s 2. I bought this rad US Presidents mat

and I printed this cute cartoon version

So tonight Antz found the Crème de la Crème!!

So freaking awesome! Liv watched it and seemed memorized by it!! I wasn’t having much luck getting her to respond *stay focused* on the prez mat so this is a brilliant alternative. I wish I could save it to my files but I made it my favorite on my youtube account so hopefully it won’t disappear in the next 2 years. I am hoping I can get her interested in maps too. Mostly because her Mom is a huge dork that loves to fill her brain with *most of the time useless* information so I can appear clever at parties. Good find Antz, you so have my back!!

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