City Target Downtown LA

Last October a new fancy schmancy City Target opened in downtown LA. I’m pretty sure out of the 469 miles of land that is Los Angeles, downtown was the only spot lacking a Target. I held off on going due to the excruciating parking situation. However, I knew my Eagle rock Target wouldn’t have the Neiman Marcus collection fully stocked so I gave it a spin. There was plenty of parking in the enormous parking structure and it was only $2.50 with validation. The store was impressive, not the largest Target but I don’t like Super Target spaces. The shelves were nicely stocked and at least 20 different salespeople asked me if I was finding everything okay. 5 people stopped me about my sweater, I’m a sucker for compliments.

I am in love with my new Kate Spade bag, my fox sweater and Deena & Ozzy Metallic Loafers

I was in pretty things heaven!!
The Marchesa dresses were so sweet, too bad I don’t have a reason to buy them

Oscar de la Renta
Alice + Olivia luggage
I couldn’t pass up the Tory Burch lunch bag

I really wanted both of these sweet Jason Wu dresses but they are so dressy and Liv really doesn’t have a need for a formal dress. I might get the polka dot dress later, I’m still undecided, maybe if it goes on sale.
for me & Aimee?

This Marc Jacobs pouch was too adorable *and shiny goooooold* to pass up. I already saw it on craigslist in Florida for $170! I’ll be holding on to mine forever.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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