Renegade Craft Fair LA 2013

Sunday we went to the Renegade Craft Fair at Los Angeles State Historic Park in Downtown LA. This is our 3rd year and the fair never disappoints. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I was happy to see our old friends at the P.O.P. Crunch candy booth. We bought Pecan and Rosemary almond candy. I couldn’t pass up a delicate gold knuckle ring from Paperbird Creations and I got an extra 20% off by spinning their wheel. I also got lucky by finding Collisionware pot holders and oven mitts booth. We took our traditional Magnolia Photo booth family photo. Sadly the line was too long for the yummy organic popsicles from Front Porch Pops. I sure wish we did wait cause the weather was super hot and muggy. I saw so many familiar booths and lots of new shops too. Someone told me the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco is incredible, so now of course I’m hoping to go for a weekend next year *along with our trip to Europe and every other trip I want to take* Antz and I have been to San Francisco several times but Liv has yet to go up north. The Renegade craft fair is the live version of Etsy/Pinterest, so creative and inspiring. I can’t wait to go to the holiday market in December to find rad gifts for Christmas.

I have some enormous hands! Baseball mitts!
Love these for Antz
These are creepy but rad!
I want you creepy Mr. Fox!
Please don’t!
Ann Shen‘s booth is FABulous!!
My kids knows how to network
Liv hung around this gourmet lollypop booth long enough to score a free one
If only I didn’t kill every single plant I buy
I need these shirts!!
I love this lady doggy!
We have been burning our wittle hands on our cast iron pan, so I love our new mitt.
I love my goodies.

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