It’s one of those days

I swear my name should have been Veruca Salt because I am having one of those bratty days. I have been trying to not get caught up in shopping *overindulgence is my middle name* I just bought a ton of clothes and shoes so you would think I was satisfied for the moment.


I have been consumed with what I will wear as the officiant of Carlos & Stephanie’s wedding

Calvin Klein One Shoulder Ruffled Cocktail Dress

Both dresses Antz found to be inappropriate as the officiant. He seems to picture me in religious robes like my Aunt Eloise who officiated our wedding
My problem is the second dress *that I LOVE* is sold out in my size *DRATS* The first dress may be a tad too cocktail dressy for their wedding. I am pretty sure it’s a black tie dressy evening wedding but honestly, I refuse to wear a matronly, boring business suit. I want to be the Tori Spelling style officiant! Fun, vibrant and classic.
Okay, I won’t be wearing any bright colors but I do want to have a prestigious look. I found a couple of websites that look good for getting official and I’ve been reading romantic poems and Shakespearean sonnets. I really need to know what direction their wedding is going…religious, romantic or traditional? I need a clever way to ask if any one objects to their union *pulls out a gun, maybe?* nah, too theatrical.
I actually stopped this post so I could write out the ceremony. I think it rocks, but I’ll get C & S’s opinion on Saturday. We are meeting for sushi *YAY!* and I found a church to get ordained *even though it also certifies me to perform funerals, absolve sins and affirm Wiccan ceremonies* REAL CLASSY!! I think I need to time myself speaking because I don’t want to put anyone to sleep. I took the more traditional route and I’m still wavering if I’ll include a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning *wedding royalty* Well, at least I’m distracted from shopping for 5 minutes.
Peace be with you, lovelies!!

2 thoughts on “It’s one of those days

  1. I actually think the first dress is quite nice b/c it's classy but with flair.

    By the way, are you going to do any decorations for Liv's bday? Since you are doing it at the W, will they provide that for you? I am planning to have it at home and just deciding if I should DIY it or just buy some generic decorations. I so do NOT have time for any type of DIY whatsoever though.

  2. We keep going back and forth about if we will decorate for her b-day. I want to, of course, but it would just be for photos and we won't be in the room much. If we were having a party at home, I would buy my decorations from Paper Source. I am loving that store. I'll post some of my birthday ideas over the weekend. Have you chosen a theme yet?

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