Zipping right along my Summer Fun List

This weekend was super busy. Friday night we drove out to Apple Valley to my Mom’s *for her birthday weekend* and Saturday we went to the Hesperia Zoo. What zoo you say? Believe it or not there is a quasi-zoo in the desert *all the animals looked fucking hot* I swear I saw a camel fanning himself. So Liv was able to pet a deer, sheep and llamas so petting zoo is done. We were pretty impressed that the lion *Aslan* was the actual one that starred in The Chronicles of Narnia.





They should have named it the Random Animals Zoo, why wouldn’t you see a reindeer in 100 degree weather?

Okay, this tiger was awesome but some asshole kid kept taking photos and smiling at him when the tour guide was like leave him alone, he isn’t liking it. Dude thought she wasn’t talking to him and he made the tiger growl and lunge at the fence. My heart was in my froat. It was scary, I instantly knew what the guys in the Hangover felt like because that tiger was enormous!! That fence no longer looked strong enough to “hold rhinos” as the tour guide told us.


She was not inside, she was outside feeding him raw chicken



The baboon was hilarious




I’m sure you can’t see him but the Hollywood lion was laying on his back. The tour guide said most of the animals laid around all day conserving their energy from the heat. She said the lion roars every morning and every night because he’s a muthafucking gangsta!



That night we all made delicious gumbo for my Mommy’s birthday dinner.

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