Carlos & Stephanie’s Wedding 9*10*11

Their wedding was beautiful. I was nervous and a little frazzled at first, but as soon as I looked at Carlos and Steph, I felt calm and joyous. Antz was in charge of photos, and as you can see our camera was being contrary *the lighting wasn’t working with him either* but he did manage to get some lovely shots. The videographer will send me a copy too. I am so happy for my friends, they are so rad!! Thanks you guys for including me in your special day.

My hair looks like a bob but I had a side bun, just can’t see it

We made these signs for the bride & groom *I wish I had them for our wedding*

Dreamy vintage Bentley

My photographer

Time to Officiate!

I was able to get behind the scenes footage

Carlos’s Mom made both of Steph’s dresses. She looked stunning!!!

Carlos had to wait to see his bride for the first time

It was a really sweet moment

Going over some logicstics

Am I singing opera?

Antz did their illustrations, of course

Here we go…..Eeeeep!

The processional music was a cover of Such Great Heights *one of my favorite songs*  by The Section Quartet. LOVE!!

I have no idea how Antz got the lighting so perfect in this shot but it is my fave

We missed shots of Chloe but here’s the video

Carlos lost it reading his vows. It was really difficult for me not to cry.

The newlyweds!

Yay the banner I made!!
How cute is this??

Ugh, someone tell my neck to wake up! I am not happy with how neckless I look here 🙁

You have no idea how much I LOVE photos booths. I could’ve stayed in there all night.

The ones we kept

They are making a scrapbook so I graciously donated our best photo booth pics for them.


I adore goregous table settings

The saddest thing happened. The bridal party made a grand entrance dancing in pairs and I was positive I was filming it. Today I discovered the video was gone. Super lame, they were so cute. I’ll upload it when I get the wedding video. UPDATE! Somehow my iphone decided to not be a brat and miraculously recovered my lost bridal party footage, so enjoy!

You know what you did….

This is the only photo we took with the lovely couple

Mazel Tov!!

I have much more videos and photos to upload but I am very tired. We are going for a walk. Later Skaters!

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