All Hallow’s Eve

This has been the longest Halloween ever. I feel like I’ve been getting into my costume everyday. Both parties were terrif. We called it an early night and came home at midnight.

I took a few shots with my iphone but they didn’t come out so hot. I LOVE my neighbor’s Chola gurl look.

Lisa “Lil Sad Eyez

She’s super adorable!! I tried so hard to get our Nikon to work but this was all I could do.

Sunday afternoon my Mom came into to town and we hit the park.

 My Mom took this amazing shot of Liv. Ooh, new headshot!!

 Black Converse RULE!!

This kid is all kinds of radness!

Today I went to breakfast with my Mom and Liv devoured her hotcakes.

I was sadly running late to Daddy’s Halloween party at his work so we missed the costume contest. We still got to see her homies, Charlotte & Kaia.

 Olivia has had her first taste of candy…no more until she turns 25!!

Well, that wraps up this year’s Halloween. It was fun but we are glad it’s over!!

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